Disneyland Paris – expansion?

Disneyland Paris expansion

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As a resident in the UK, I have followed but not yet visited Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at both Batuu East & West and was hoping that something like this would be built closer to me at Disneyland Paris.

Now the Galactic Star Cruiser, Halcyon, is due for launch in 2022, I thought, where are we at closer to home?

Up until the COVID pandemic there were concept designs and scant information released to say that Europe would get an expansion.


Sadly in the fall of 2021 it looks like the proposed “Star Wars Land” is now off the table, with only the Frozen & Marvel areas/lands breaking ground. Why? Who knows?


So, in this post, I thought I would upload the information I have to this point to show what could have been and what should have opened 2024/2025.

Proposed to be built as an extension in the Disney Studios backlot (South West), in the park. A scaled down version of what is located in the USA, included 1 ride, rumoured to be Rise of the Resistance plus a merchandise shop and restaurant.

Google Earth DLP Ground

It would have a themed waiting line with full size X-Wing fighter, no Millennium Falcon for Europe.

3d images have emerged and it would appear the ground has been broken for Frozen fans but not for Star Wars fans!

Maybe it will still happen?

Should we get something bigger and better?

Star Wars Land - Disney

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Collection section update.

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Collecting is a big part of Star Wars. Ever since the earliest merchandise, fought over by an astute, George Lucas, from 20th Century Fox was release by Kenner in the US and Palitoy in the UK plus many others around the world we want it.

Since 1977/78 I have bought, been bought and gifted many items from across the range of items figures, vehicles, creatures to toothbrushes, flannels and earphones.

Although not every item I own, I have uploaded many images to the Collection section of the website. There you can look at Prequel / Original / Sequel trilogy items.

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Some of you may have these items, some you may not but, my hope is you enjoy them.

More WILL follow…


Star Wars 44th anniversary

Fox logo

Today marks the 44th “birthday” of a film that has changed millions of peoples lives.
Lucasfilm Ltd
Like many I do not go a day without thinking about some aspect of Star Wars….
A loong time ago A period of civil war
fly over
“Did you hear that”? & “I’m sure he’ll be alright”!
The first and last lines of the film.
Thank you.

Written & Directed

Happy Birthday George!

George Lucas & Mark Hamill SW B&W


Happy Birthday to “THE MAKER”

George Walton Lucas Jr born on this day, 14th May 1944 in Modesto, California to Dorothy Ellinore & George Walton Lucas Sr.

George is 77 years old today, significant perhaps in that the film he his most known for, Star Wars – A New Hope was released in 1977!

George Lucas with concept R2D2

Many happy returns Mr Lucas hope you have a wonderful day.

Mark Hamill is Honored with Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

P.S. Can I get an invite to tour Skywalker Ranch sometime???

AOTC  BTS  George Lucas




Andor – Filming in the UK.

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Over the past few days/weeks there has been a lot of filming activity for the Star Wars Show Andor.

The Show is going to be a prequel to the film Rogue One, and tells the tales of Cassian Andor and his journey to the Rebellion.

rogueone Scarif beach

Many places in the UK appear to have been used for filming this series, which is actually a little different to the other TV show – The Mandalorian, which was mostly filmed in The Volume at MBS studios, California.

It would appear that this production is traversing the UK and using a lot more “real World” locations to convey Galaxy’s far, far away.

 Who would believe that Shoretroopers would end up in Blackpool!



I have put together some information of what I have seen, so far and added Google Maps pinpoints to the Places of filming.

 Star Wars – Google Maps

Click the link to see some behind the scenes filming from the sets.


Thanks to my good friend at FanthaTracks for a lot of the info and also the Daily Mail and Dorset Echo.

Exclusive: Andor – Full Set Layout Plan and Shooting Details Revealed – Fantha Tracks

Star Wars: Andor filming takes place in Buckinghamshire village | Daily Mail Online

Photos show Star Wars film crews at Dorset quarry | Dorset Echo