NEW Star Wars Places

In the light of the new desert planet of Jakku being announced for The Force Awakens; I thought I would ask you to get your creative juices going and come up with one of your own, just for fun.


If you could invent a new Star Wars Planet what would you call it, what type of planet would it be and what type of habitat would it provide?

Would it be technically devoid like Dagobah or be an overly populated industrial planet like Coruscant?

I would love to know, if you also have any illustrations to accompany that would be great.

Star Wars Insider - Galaxy Map

Madame Tussauds – London.

Sorry, been a little slack recently here at Star Wars Places so here is a little update about an already up and running exhibit.


NOW OPEN – Star Wars at Madame Tussauds London is a unique, immersive experience featuring 16 of the most famous heroes and villains in scenes from some of the most iconic moments from the Star Wars universe.

To book tickets for this exhibit follow the link below:


Secret Cinema Opens!

Travel through the worlds of Star Wars A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back this Summer.

Become part of our Rebellion.


SECRET CINEMA’s presentation run of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK got off to a great start last night at a massive venue in London. Aimed primarily for mass appeal rather than the hardcore, the overall planning was strong, the set recreations/production design and sound effects were impressive, the immersive actors (inhabiting classic heroes and aliens of all shapes and sizes) clearly enjoyed themselves, the variety of drink and food flowed and the Special Edition movie and sound presentation was excellent (with some added surprises going on around the audience that were well received by both regular SECRET CINEMA attendees and STAR WARS fans).


Thanks to for the information.