Finally, not only do we get a short teaser but, a “full” teaser for Solo.

Short teaser >

Full teaser >

As with all trailers the images come thick and fast. There are old favourites, all be it in slightly different guise, the “falcon” sporting it haulage insert, Chewie with X-bandoliers and a much younger Lando, played by Donald Glover.

I like the look of it and when I have more info on the locations I will post. In the meantime check out the one place I do know where they filmed; in the Solo section.




The Last Jedi viewing and review.

Official poster

The Last Jedi, what can I say….not a lot, so hit the link here to go to my Spoiler filled review.


The Imax 3D in Cineworld Leicester square was very impressive, first time here. The cinema was not full at 10:30 on a Thursday morning, either everyone had already seen it or they were waiting?


What did I expect, well like millions of others I had theories, thoughts, hopes and wishes of what might be in this film, some things were covered well, others I felt let down by. Read the review to learn more.


I feel I need a second, third or even a fourth viewing before truly getting the feel that this is Star Wars…..for a new generation…..


Episode IX has quite a lot to do!