First Viewing – The Last Jedi


Well I saw it!


I travelled to Leicester Sq in London and watched, for the first time on IMAX 3D, Star Wars – The Last Jedi at 10:30 on Thursday 14th December 2017.

“Spoiler Free review”

There were some very good bits, some funny bits, some too funny bits and some very grating bits that seemed to be out of place, for me.


“Spoiler Review” – You have been warned.




The opening battle was amazing with the Resistance bombers trying to take out the First Order Dreadnaught whilst the last fighters on D’Qar pack their things for the escape. Prior to this there was a scene, I didn’t like, with Poe putting General Hux on “interstellar hold” playing their stern & playful characters off against one another.

Kylo takes to his Silencer and thinks twice about shooting down his mother, sadly here is probably the most jarring thing for me; and that is Leia gets blasted into space but somehow uses hereto unknown Jedi Force Powers to get back to her ship! Mmm, not sure.

Middle section for Finn and new character Rose, who in my opinion was fine,is about the chase to destroy a First Order tracking device on the lead Dreadnaught. Then another new character in Benicio Del Torro’s “DJ” crops up, only to be cast aside not much later, like Captain Phasma once again.

Meanwhile Rey is finding it hard to get sense out of a very galaxy weary Luke, who is just not interested anymore. These scenes are good, sometimes overly playful but we do now find out the source of “blue/green milk” yuk!

Our old little green friend makes an appearance, although I wasn’t sure about some of his lines…..

What is left of the Resistance fleet are doing what they can with limiting fuel reserves to get to safety whilst being attacked from a General Hux’s Dreadnaught….why it just kept at “a distance” and did not try to run them down??

Rey has made her way to the First Order to confront SNOKE and possibly turn Kylo Ren/Ben Solo back to the light. There is a lots of force wielding, vocal sparing here and the quickest most unexpected death so far?! is that really it??

As what is left of the Resistance survivors take shelter in an old abandoned rebel base on Crait, the heavy infantry of AT-M6’s, AT-AT’s and a new cannon head to wipe out them out.

There is a lovely moment where we see Luke finally hold Leia and give her the gold dice from the Millennium Falcon before he heads out to face the might of the Resistance and Kylo Ren.

Visually, I felt this was fantastic and the colours, action mood was great. We find out that Luke has not left Ahch-To but is projecting himself to by more time for the Resistance to once again escape. This does not go down well with Kylo.

Lastly we see a group of children retelling the story, with one of them seeming to not know the power that he has, heads outside to sweep whilst looking up at the stars.

In my opinion an underwhelming ending to what had come before.

Score: 5/10 – could have been a whole lot better.