Takodana (TFA)

Takodana – Derwentwater, Lake District, UK & Puzzlewood, Gloucestershire, UK.


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Home Planet to Maz Kanata. A very green world as Rey observes from the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon.

Takodana_surfaceThe planet itself is an amalgamation of a number of locations in the UK. Firstly some of the approach to the castle and the Falcon landing plus the arrival of the Resistance X-Wings was filmed at and around Derwentwater in the Lake District, UK.


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Takodana 210647210_796151067129604_6581722102608613765_nDerwent Water - National Trust

Takodana (2) – Puzzlewood, Gloucestershire, UK

After Rey has the “encounter” in the lower sections of Maz’s castle and heads-off out into a wooded area; which was filmed in a place called Puzzlewood, UK.

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1405354618506_wps_12_Piles_of_film_production_Puzzlewood is an ancient woodland site and tourist attraction, near Coleford in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England. The site, covering 14 acres (5.7 ha), shows evidence of open cast iron ore mining dating from the Roman period, and possibly earlier.

Over a mile of pathways were laid down in the early 19th century to provide access to the woods, and provide picturesque walks. The area contains strange rock formations, secret caves and ancient trees, with a confusing maze of paths.

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The cast and crew trailers can be seen in the images below.

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