The Rise Of Skywalker

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This post has been a long time in coming….sorry.

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I managed to get to see TROS 4x in my local cinema over the release period and Christmas 2019.

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I will come straight out and say I liked it, I enjoyed it and it took me on an eventful and for me satisfying ride.

After 42 years of fandom (yes I was lucky enough to see Star Wars, as it was back then in the cinema late 1977). Three trilogies later, with its hits & misses; The Skywalker Saga ends. I liked The Force Awakens, a re-hash of ANH, I don’t get on with The Last Jedi, but that is for another time. There was a lot to pull together in this movie and still tell a story that was engaging for all audience members and I feel that J.J. Abrams did the best he could do in the time allowed.

Yes there was fan service and yes there may still be some question (I have) unanswered but we can’t have everything. *

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The Rise of Skywalker left me with a happy, content feeling as I left the cinema and I have already pre-ordered on Blu-ray when released. I have bought the Original Soundtrack, the UK quad posters and a number of other pieces of merchandise (where are the figures HASBRO)?.

My fandom has taken a step back in recent years but I am not going anywhere; The Mandalorian & the Obi-Wan series will see to that.


Thank you Star Wars.

*Question 1 – Where did Maz get the lightsabre from in The Force Awakens??

Title card

Can this be tied into The Mandalorian, Kuiil, being an Ugnaught could have taken it unwittingly in a garbage dump from there when he left and was “looking after it” on Sagin. The Mandolrian in episodes to come could travel to Takodana for a job and take some of Kuiil’s belongings with him including the sabre…..


*Question 2 – Rey’s parentage; I think it would have been better if Rey was like Anakin, created in the Force by Palpatine for a future where he/she or they would one day take over as “the ultimate evil” Anakin or Darth Vader fell at the final hurdle on the second Death Star to save Luke and then Rey rises from nowhere again with abilities and powers that lead her to make choices for light or dark…….Perhaps Anakin & Rey were not the only offspring of Palpatine?