Where the magic happens; ILM – London.

I recently took a little stroll around the capital and headed north of Leicester Sq past Shaftesbury Avenue and came across this location.

ILM Close

Entrance into ILM – London.

The London offices of Industrial Light & Magic, ILM. An unassuming building with little outside decoration (for obvious reasons) indicating what goes on inside and the talented people who work there creating most of the images for blockbuster movies etc.

I went into reception and asked if I could take some photos and was told “sure but none from inside reception” figures!

Go to the locations menu and look for “other places” and select ILM – London for further pictures of the buildings external facade.

I also went round to Soho Sq. and took this little snap of the 20th Century Fox offices in London. Obviously a very influential part of the Star Wars History.

20th Century Fox building