Star Wars: Galaxys Edge


In 2019 there is a lot for the Star Wars fan to get enthused by. Not only are we getting the third film in the latest Star Wars trilogy, still only Episode IX (no title announcement), but there are not one but two themed lands arriving in Disneyland, California and Disney World, Florida.

Currently nearing completion and due to open Summer & Fall this year construction has been gong full speed ahead to meet its opening day deadline.

Galaxys Edge building siteaerial-star-wars-galaxy-edge-construction 2

Click here to find out a little more about Star Wars Galaxys Edge and where they are located.


** If anyone would like to buy me a flight to the USA, accommodation for a week or two and an entry ticket I would be most grateful **



Episode IX Starts location filming near to Pinewood Studios


That’s right!

Location pic 082018

It looks like the SUN newspaper (UK) and Making Star Wars have some shots of the Star Wars cast & crew filming just outside London near to Pinewood Studios.

Location pic 2 082018


landscape-1535123286-iso-excallround-starwars-filming181-1The Falcon has been spotted nestled in Black Park Country Park, west of Pinewood; in what appears to be a jungle scene.


This could be a whole new planet not yet visited in the Star Wars saga.

Watch this space.


WEBCAMS: – Live video

Live video from a certain point of view! of some of the Star Wars filming locations.


After scouring the internet for hours we have managed to find some LIVE WEBCAMS for many of the Star Wars filming locations from Caserta, Italy – NABOO,The Phantom Menace & Attack of the Clones; Finse, Norway –  HOTH,The Empire Strikes Back and Dubrovnik, Croatia – Cantonica, The Last Jedi.

Check them out, the site will also give some up to date weather forecasts for the days ahead and also time-lapse video from previous live streams.


Go take a look and let me know what else you would like to see added to the site to aid YOUthe Star Wars traveller….

SOLO – Update plus much more.


Hi there folks!

Been a few weeks since I have uploaded to the site, Facebook has been a little busier!

I have added some new information to the Solo – A Star Wars Story filming locations; still some more to add. Also, I have added some additional photos of Autographs from Star Wars actors over the years…still more to come here too!

Solo - Bandits 2

I hope you enjoy looking over the content and please let me have your feedback.

Best wishes.


star wars places

Tunisian Adventure awaits

We at Star Wars Places have just recently made contact with a tour company operating in Tunisia offering tailored experiences for those looking for a far more immersive experience.


Tunisian Journeys: Private Tours for the Intrepid Traveller

 They offer professionally guided, tailor-made, in-depth tours for solo & individual travellers, and small groups, in English, French, German & Italian (and Arabic). We offer special Cultural, Archaeological and Alternative Tours – Inc Star Wars related.

Set-up by a couple, who have a passion for Tunisia’s natural beauty and hidden gems.

With over 25 years of experience in Tourism, Moez Sghaier is an Official Tunisian Guide, as well as a Translator, Interpreter & Fixer. He speaks fluently French, English, Italian, German, & Classical Arabic and has a passion for History & Cultures.

Yvette, is a Professional Tour Leader with over 20 years of experience. She is originally from Canada, and has an academic background in Classical Archaeology. She specializes in organizing tours not only of Tunisia, but also of the Ancient Mediterranean (Turkey, Greece, Italy & Sicily, Morocco, Jordan, Syria, Libya, Egypt, etc.).


Running from April 23rd – 29th Tunisian Journeys will be hosting the Academy Award winner Roger Christian in Tunisia, during the filming of his forthcoming documentary, Behind The Force Movie. Roger Christian will be coming to TOZEUR, MATMATA & DJERBA, with cameraman Mark Dodd, for the filming of his forthcoming documentary, “Behind the Force”, about the making of the original Star Wars film: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977). He will be bringing with him the original iconic LIGHT SABER which he created for the film.

 For more information on this amazing event go to the Facebook link to discover how you could meet a legend in a legendary place!

His book CINEMA ALCHEMIST is a great read and has loads of stories about the making of Star Wars & Alien.