Regular updates on some of my past and present collection:


How about artwork?

Here is an image I completed a few years back.

JFETT colour grad new words and background

Christmas 2017 Items:

Christmas 2017 1

Christmas 2017 2

Christmas 2017 3

Christmas 2017 4

Some Rogue One purchases

Rogue One books and CD Rogue One Cinema Poster Rogue One Collector Editions

Christmas 2016 Items:

SW Christmas 2016

Nothing too new recently so here are a few oldies

Room WidePicture 001Room Wide 2

SW ANH Lunchbox 2TESB Metal Lunchbox side 1ROTJ Metal Lunchbox 1ANH Carry CaseTESB Carry Case 1TESB Carry Case 2ROTJ Collectors case

Bought myself a full size Artoo-Detoo project!

R2 1

Star Wars Celebration swag.

Celebration items

The Art of the Force Awakens

The art of TFA

Christmas 2015 items:

SW Christmas 2015 presents

Just love this little droid!

More R2-D2 stuff

Display R2 3

R2-D2 collage 120515

Christmas 2015 Darth Vader Calendars

Advent 2015 small

Autumn/Fall 2015, R2-D2 update

R2's Nov 2015

Video / DVD store displays

TPM Video Promo display

AOTC Video promo display

ROTS Video promo display

Random box bits in storage

11084160_1596084764010026_4279130616134730713_o 11168497_1596084734010029_817867950862587974_n

Life size Darth Maul

Pepsi Darth Maul 005

1978 Mailaway Action figure stand

1978 Mailaway Action Figure Stand

Early Bird gift certificate

SW Early Bird FrontSW Early Bird Rear

SW Early Bird Stand

Various cardbacks ‘n’ other books


Should really display these fellas!


Some Revenge of the Jedi items I have

SW Revenge of the Jedi stuff 2

Some Carded Droids Figures

SW Droids Change

Some Carded Ewoks Figures

SW Ewoks change

Some of my R2-D2 collection


This is the droid I have been looking for…

Vintage Loose R2-D2

What I wished I had bought in the first place.

T Shop