Kessel (SOLO)

Kessel – tbc


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We’ll be sent to the spice mines of Kessel, or smashed into who knows what! ― C-3PO ANH


The misshapen, asteroid-shaped planet known as Kessel had a barren, rocky landscape. The atmosphere was very thin, with most of the air being provided by factories on the surface. Ancient tombs and ruins, possibly of Sith origin, dotted the landscape, haunted by skeletal avians. The prison had been established in these inhospitable settings. There was a single large settlement on the planet, Kessendra.

It was a prison world, and was home to the galaxy’s largest glitterstim spice mining operation. Under Imperial rule, slave labour was in extensive use.


The entrance to the Kessel mines were filmed on the Pinewood Studios backlot, with the interiors for the control room and tunnels being filmed in one of the studios.