Ajan Kloss (TROS)

Ajan Kloss – Black Park Country Park & Pinewood Studios, UK


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In The Rise of Skywalker Ajan Kloss, located in the Outer Rim, is the home of what’s become of the Resistance.

Ajan Kloss 4

A verdant world covered in primeval jungles, overgrown cliffs & valleys, grottos and oceans, but with no permanent settlements.

Ajan Kloss 1

It did serve as a secluded outpost after the Battle of Endor, becoming the training ground for Luke and his apprentices including Leia. The overgrown forests resonate with life through the Force, making it an ideal environment.

Ajan Kloss 5

Early on in TROS; Rey tries to channel past Jedi but is not successful and so decides to take the training course only stumbling when Kylo Ren makes contact, through the Force “dyad”.

Ajan Kloss 2 training

Ajan Kloss was actually but as a huge set at Pinewood studios, UK. Additional shooting took place at Black Park Country Park, UK.

Ajan Kloss 3 MF

Black Park Country Park is a country park in Wexham, Buckinghamshire, England to the north of the A412 road between Slough and Iver Heath. It is managed by Buckinghamshire County Council. It has an area of 250 hectares (618 acres).