Alderaan (ROTS)

Alderaan – Grindlewald, Switzerland.

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Grindlewald is a mountain village set at the foot of the ‘North Face’ of the Eiger in a prime central location of the Jungfrau region.

AlderaanAccessible by rail, cable-car or gondola it is a lively resort with cafes and restaurants and a good variety of shops because of its popular summer and winter pursuits.

The spectacular landscapes served as plate photography for the end scenes of Alderaan the arrival of Senator Bail Organa and the caring for of Leia.alderaan landing

The establishing shot of the Tantive IV is a combination of digi-matte painting and shots taken by Rick McCallum and a helicopter crew and CG building models. A tiny piece of balcony bench was built for Bail to hand over the baby to the Queen.Alderaan EP3

It is almost impossible without knowing exactly where the photos were taking to give further details.

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