Ahch-To (TLJ)

See Episode VII (TFA) The Force Awakens for info on the Skellig Michael location.

51°46’14.1″N 10°32’27.1″W

The point were Rey hands Luke his old lightsabre in almost central on Skellig Michael towards the lower half and almost the tip of a triangle from the Skelligs Lighthouse to the helicopter landing pad.


The little (and some what controversial) scenes of Luke with the Thala-siren and fishing were filmed at Brow Head on the Southernmost point on the Irish mainland. These scenes were filmed in May 2016 with stuntman Florian Robin standing in for Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker.


Whilst filming one of Rey & Kylo’s force vision scene the shot from behind Rey was at Malin Head, on the Inishowen Penninsula. The reverse angle looking at Rey was shot at Longcross Studios, Chertsey, England.

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