Lah’mu (Rogue One)

Lah’Mu – Hafursey/Vik, Iceland


MAP  –

63°32’01.1″N 18°49’45.2″W

WEBCAM: (nearby)

Located in the Outer Rim’s Raioballo sector, Lah’mu is a sparsely inhabited backwater whose rich soil and groundwater are contaminated by minerals and other elements. The Erso family fled to Lah’mu from Coruscant, hoping to find refuge from the Empire.


It is very difficult to pinpoint where filming took place on this amazing island with stunning scenery, however I believe that most shooting took place on the South of the island, North, North East of the remote seafront village of Vik, or on the black volcanic sands to the East near to Hjörleifshöfði Cave.

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