Yavin 4 (Rogue One)

Yavin 4 – Cardington RAF base, Bedfordshire.



The planet of Yavin 4 (BASE ONE) seems to have been returned to in the trailers for Rogue One.

Some time after abandoning Dantooine, Alliance High Command transferred operations to a new headquarters on the jungle moon of Yavin 4. There, stone temples built by a now-vanished species have been transformed into hangars, barracks and a command center. From Base One, as the Massassi site is known, rebel leaders direct the fight against the Empire.


From the information so far, the Rebel base was mostly shot on a stage but there are a few images of set construction, again at Cardington ex Air Force Base Shed 2 (see Yavin 4 (ANH)).

Yavin 4 1

Yavin 4 2 Rogue-One-A-Star-Wars-Story-13

rogue-one Base One