Andor SE1 EP6

Hello there!

Andor digital keyart
On the eve of the next episode (SE1 EP6) of ANDOR, I have been sent a few real world images from one of the PLACES used for the TV series.
Cruachan Dam Map
Cruachan Dam, Dalmally, Scotland.
Thanks to Grant Criddle The Phantom Fanboy for the (overcast) images.
C D GC 1C D GC 2C D GC 3C D GC 4C D GC 5C D GC 6C D GC 7C D GC 8C D GC 9
The other images are from last year showing the set decoration and there are some trailer stills.
Andor 2Andor 3Andor 4Andor 5Andor 6Andor 7Andor Cruachan Dam flip
Andor Trailer Clip  Cruachan DamAndor Trailer Cruachan Dam 1Andor Trailer Cruachan Dam 2
Let’s see how this goes “REBELLION” !!!!