Smugglers Star Wars Charity Day

Hello there!

S Charity Day

It’s the day after attending SW event in Croydon, UK. And  WOW, what a great experience.

As I mentioned previously there were guest signers galore from the prequels, original trilogy and sequels.

Signing tables  Robert Watts  Michael Pennington  Jesper Jacob  Glyn Baker  Hugh Spight

Plus there were lots of stalls selling SW toys and costuming groups from 501st, Joker Squad UK and Vader’s Raiders.

Vaders Raiders droids

Even though I have been travelling to events since 1995 there were OT signers here that I had never met and was extremely glad to have been able to spend a few minutes in their company.


Catherine Munroe – Zuckuss – TESB

Glyn Baker – Imperial Lieutenant Endicott – ROTJ

Jasper Jacob – Captain Yorr – ROTJ

Lewis MacLoed – Sebulba – TPM

Brian Muir – Sculptor.

Brian Muir poster sign 1

I was also lucky enough to catch-up a little with the truly fantastic Robert Watts, the ever friendly Pam Rose and Mike Edmonds.


These actors must have seen 1000’s of people over the years and yet their stories are as fresh as day one.

Croydon stalls 3

Also, it was nice to see in person other SW fans whom I’ve met through Facebook, Fantha Tracks, Mark Newbold, Dave Rowntree, Dave Louis Oldbury, Neil Warren and many more. (sorry if I missed you out). If you see yourself in the photos please tag.

Thank you Richard and team for putting on this event

Thank you to all the guests who attended.