Star Wars Memories (stories)….

Hello there,


I recently purchased another behind the scene / anecdotal Star Wars book.

This book was written by Craig Miller, a life-long Sci-fi fan who was lucky enough to work for Lucasfilm during the initial pre-production of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back.


He became the first Director of Fan Relations and instigated Bantha Tracks, the fan newsletter plus collated the Membership Kits sent out to fans.

Working with the talented people like Charles Lippincott and Gary Kurtz this book tell the story of marketing, a then unknown, product from a very young director to studios and fan’s who had never heard of Jedis’ or “The Force” and never imagined Wookiees or Yoda!


Craig’s book is a great read and page turner, at over 400+ pages it doesn’t feel heavy in anyway and there are lots of accompanying images from the production of the films and the marketing items brought on to sell Star Wars.

I love a non-fiction tale of how the films were brought to the big screen and the effort required by artistic individuals working towards a greater good.


Let me recommend you add it to your collection as soon as possible.