Corellia (SOLO)

Corellia – Southampton, UK.


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Solo Opening Tilbury

Right at the beginning of the movie, as the SOLO logo flies through the screen, a young Han Solo is fleeing pursuers after he has just “boosted” a speeder!.

SOLO Tilbury 3

These night shots were filmed at the Tilbury Grain Terminal, Tilbury Docs, Essex. UK.

Solo Tilbury 1 Solo Tilbury 2


Solo Tilbury Google view

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Corellia – Famous for producing two things, the largest starships & ace pilots! It is also the home planet of HAN SOLO & Qi’ra and where the Millennium Falcon was built.

20180601-103044-phpz8qK5zMost of the locations you see at the start of Solo – A Star Wars Story for the planet Corellia were film at Fawley Power Station, a closed ex oil-fired power station located on the western side of Southampton Water, between the villages of Fawley and Calshot in Hampshire. Its 198 m (650 feet) chimney is a prominent (and navigationally useful) landmark.

In 2017 it was announced that the power station site would be turned into over 1,500 homes.


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Some scenes for the 2015 movie Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation were filmed on location here.