Kijimi (TROS)

Kijimi – Pinewood Studios, UK


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An old frigid planet, once home to mountain top monasteries but has since been settled by outlaws, pirates and spice runners. This is where we meet Zori Bliss, played by Keri Russell; who seems to know more about Poe’s history than he has previously revealed.

Kijimi 1

After recovering Ochi’s Dagger and C-3PO committing it to memory, the only way to retrieve this information is with help from a tiny droidsmith called Babu Frik (who in my opinion, steals the show)!

Kijimi 2 Babu Frik set

Kijimi was a construction in the North lot exterior at Pinewood Studios. It was a full 360 degree set, meaning it could be filmed from any angle without revealing the façade. Shot at night in winter the cold was accentuated by having fake snow blown on to set by the special effects guys.

Kijimi 3 set and Kylo Rens qtrs