Star Wars Identities photos

SWID London Yoda

(my friend Mike)

So, on Saturday 3rd December I went to the O2 to take a look round the Star Wars Identities exhibit.

Please check out the many photos below.

P1040790 P1040791 P1040792 P1040793 P1040799 P1040801

P1040818 P1040820 P1040821 P1040822 P1040824 P1040825 P1040837 P1040838

P1040842 P1040847 P1040846 P1040859 P1040860 P1040861 P1040862 P1040873 P1040874 P1040893 P1040895 P1040905 P1040907 P1040912 P1040913 P1040942 P1040943 P1040951 P1040952 P1040953 P1040949 P1040955 P1040954

P1040896 P1040902 P1040908 P1040909 P1040910 P1040911 P1040914 P1040915 P1040919 P1040920 P1040921 P1040922 P1040929 P1040966 P1040971