The Worlds of The Last Jedi


Directly from the Star Wars YouTube channel is this video showcasing some of the locations used in The Last Jedi.

From Ahch-To, Canto Bight & Crait; find out where they we filmed.

Explore the real-world locations behind the worlds of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Check out the page here under locations and search #thelastjedi

The Last Jedi – official trailer is here !!

Official poster

Well it is finally here and there is a lot to lot at discuss!

  • Where is Rey from? 
  • is she not a Skywalker, Solo or Kenobi but something bigger?
  • Does Kylo Ren fire on the ship with Senator Organa?

Plus so much more…….

How does it all come together we will have to wait and see in just under 2 months.

Here it is again for you:


D23 + Star Wars Land update.


Very recently Disney held it’s annual fan event D23, showcasing all the upcoming goodies Disney has to offer.


Over the weekend there were multiple updates on Star Wars Land, scheduled to open in 2018 and now what we know will be called – Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.


There was also a behind the scenes look at the making of The Last Jedi.

Click on the link below to watch: